The cable identification and spiking course will demonstrate the safe use of cable identifying equipment and the safe application of it, to correctly identify the cable you wish to spike.

If you wish to have training and gain competence in the use of cable spiking guns  this course will show you the correct use of and application of a spiking gun.

You will also understand how to select the correct use of bullets for the type of cable you are spiking.

This course is designed for electrical personnel responsible for identification/spiking and proving dead of HV electrical power cables.

Note: This is not a cable fault location course.

  • Content
  • Aim
  • Participants
  • Certification


  • Safety requirements
  • Ground clearance
  • Methods of cable identification
  • Cable spiking (use and maintenance)
  • Case studies
  • Practical exercises
  • Course review


To provide instruction in the practical, technical and safety aspects of identifying electrical power cables and their subsequent spiking to ensure the safety of personnel required to work upon these cables


Electricians and interested persons or electrical engineers/technicians responsible for ensuring the safety of personnel working on HV underground electrical power cables.

Those wishing to understand the process.



Candidates will receive our Competence certificate.

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