Its understandable you may have questions about the services we offer.

We have some of the most common questions we are asked here, however should you wish to discuss with us any questions and wish to get advice. Do Ask.


  • Payment Methods
  • General
  • Health & Safety
  • Attending our centre
  • Electricians Training Courses
  • First Aid Courses
  • City & Guilds Accredited Programme

Payment Methods

Can I pay by cheque

Please note we do not accept cheques for payment of courses, its the year 2019 so learn how to make a bacs payment.

What is the preferred method of payment?

We prefer to receive payment from our clients by BACS transfer, this being the most cost effective payment method for all parties.

I wish to pay by debit or credit card by telephone

That’s fine – we accept the following debit and credit cards:



Visa Electron




Visa Debit

mastercard - Copy






Please note their will be an additional fee for all debit and credit card payments, which can be calculated on request. Alternatively, you can pay by BACS or cheque.


All our payments via debit and credit card are handled by:

WorldPay LockUp RGB [AllVersions]


I find it difficult to get time off and would like to train at the weekend.

Talk to us and we can discuss the availibility of providing weekend training.

Can I spread my course over a number of weekends?

Yes you can; although we do ask that you stick to the agreed training days when we agree them with you.

I would like to have my staff trained over a weekend as I’m investing in their training and require them in the week on their normal activities.

Thats fine, were happy to train your staff over weekends, as we understand the commitment you are showing to their development.

Will you support me in my career progression?

Yes we will, we understand that after attending a course; you will want to develop your confidence and may want from time to time someone to discuss your thoughts or concerns.

For this reason you will be given the opportunity to access our knowledge and experience so you can ask for advice on “what we would do”.

This service is available through a 24 /7 telephone facility or for schemes which require additional support, our services can be employed on a consultancy basis.

I am new to the industry and would like to see if its for me?

We suggest attending our beginners course; where you can get a broad awareness of whats required, and then develop further if you so wish.

For courses of five day duration, what time do I need to arrive Monday?

A one week course, begins at 09.30 on Monday and finishes approximately at lunch time on the last day

For one day or two day courses, what time do I need to arrive by?

A one or two day course, begins at 09:30 on day 1 and finishes at approximately 16.00 on day 2.

How do I book a course?

  1. Read the course details clearly.
  2. Confirm with yourself the date is suitable for you.
  3. Complete the booking form found on the training courses page and return it to us.
  4. We will then send you an email confirming your booking. We also confirm when the final balance is required.
  5. Transfer payments via a bacs transfer referencing your name; to our account.
  6. We will confirm you have paid the course and look forward to meeting you.


  1. All courses require a 15% deposit and it is non refundable unless we change dates or cancel the course.
  2. The balance is normally due 28 days before the start date.
  3. If monies are outstanding; you will be sent away from the course.
  4. Remember to be relaxed our courses are not uncomfortable or intimidating, training with us is a pleasure.

What other training & services do you offer?

We also offer training in:

  1. First Aid
  2. Access equipment
  3. Cable termination
  4. Cable Jointing
  5. Conflict Management
  6. Risk Assessment
  7. Incident Investigation
  8. Behavioral Techniques
  9. Concentration Skills
  10. How to cope in investigations

We can provide:

  1. Conference Facilities for small businesses
  2. Facilities for private trainers
  3. Documentation
  4. Safety Rules
  5. Safety Procedures
  6. Drivers Hand Books
  7. SHEQ Management Books for operational staff
  8. Accident Investigation
  9. Expert Witness
  10. Arbitration Services
  11. Business Support

Health & Safety

I employ staff who we need monitoring to ensure compliance with industry standards, can you help?

We can assist you in organising interviews or switching assessments, recommending to you the suitability of your staff for switching operations or management.

Attending our centre

Do I have to pay to park at your centre?

Complimentary secure parking is available for all delegates. Plenty of spaces are available too, so you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to park or having enough change for the machine.

Is wifi available?

All course delegates can access our wifi free of charge.

Office support services are available, should they be required.

In case of an emergency can I leave your contact details with my family?

We are happy for you to leave our details with your family or close friends so that they can contact you in an emergency, or for other serious matters.

Our telephone number is 01782 461506.


Your Medication

Please remember to bring with you any medication you may be on, or require for emergencies.


Where can I stay locally?

If you go to our Locations page you will find information on local hotels

we have included a range of hotels to meet with everyone’s preference

Course start times

All one day courses start at 09:00 and finish approximately at 16:00.

All two day or longer duration courses start at 10:00 on the first day, after that the finish approximately at 16:00 pm. However on Fridays, the finish time is approximately 13:00 pm to allow for your commute home.

What ppe shall I need to bring?

You will require your own personal ppe with you, such as:

safety boots

eye and hearing protection

industrial gloves

Other specialist courses may require additional ppe which will be detailed in your course registration pack.


Lunch and Refreshments

A complimentary light lunch is provided to all delegates, with sandwiches being freshly prepared every day.

Hot and cold refreshments including tea, coffee and bottled water are available throughout the day, together with a selection of biscuits, cakes and sweets.

Electricians Training Courses

Is there a demand for HV Qualified Individuals?

Yes there is a lot of demand for authorised and senior authorised persons; and we can train you to help in your development of a new career.

Do you train people to operate more than one manufacturers equipment

Yes we do, our training will enable you to have the skills to operate using industry principles all types of switchgear.

Do you train us to operate only one manufacturers switchgear like the courses run by switchgear companies?

No we don’t. We are not like the certain manufacturers who teach you to operate their latest switch they want to sell; we train you correctly in the principles of switchgear operation. Were not here to sell switchgear; were here to train you to operate safely.

I’m currently an electrician wishing to learn about High Voltage Switching?

Our courses will help to develop your experience and confidence to allow you to develop your awareness into the field of High Voltage Switching. Your training as an electrician is a good basis to develop from.

Do you offer information and updates on suspension of operating practices?

We offer through a subscription service; the facility to keep you upto date with sops and dins; helping you to remain safe; and upto date with industry switchgear issues etc.

I have never had any experience of lv or hv switching authorisation, can I still attend your courses?

We are more than happy to train individuals with no experience; however talk to us and we can advise you on the correct development plan.

First Aid Courses

Can you deliver the first aid course onsite?

Yes we can deliver your course onsite, or at our training centre.

City & Guilds Accredited Programme

So how do I know if a course has City & Guilds Accredited Programme status?

City & Guilds have recognised our high standards, and these programmes have been approved as meeting the City & Guilds Accreditation benchmark:

• High Voltage Substation Access & Awareness
• High Voltage Electrical Appreciation for Auditors, Supervisors and Managers
• High Voltage Authorised Persons (Non Complex)
• High Voltage Authorised Persons
• High Voltage Senior Authorised Persons
• Authorised Engineer Training Course
• High Voltage Authorised Persons Refresher
• High Voltage Senior Authorised Persons Refresher
• Low Voltage Authorised Persons
• Safe Isolation Training & Assessment
• BS7671 Minor Works Documentation Course
• Competent Persons Electrical Low Voltage – NHS Specific
• Authorised Persons Electrical Low Voltage – NHS Specific
• Authorised Persons Electrical High Voltage – NHS Specific



What is City & Guilds Accreditation?

City & Guilds Accreditation recognises the process and delivery of a bespoke training programme which doesn’t result in a qualification, but has an end assessment.

City & Guilds accreditation evaluates the programme against our benchmark and provides consultant support to ensure that the programme meets City & Guilds accreditation standards.

Once approved the training programme is ‘accredited’

Do I need to bring Photograph Identification?

Yes you do, preferably your driving license or passport, we shall also take your photograph to insert onto your certificate from the 1st March 2016