Coronavirus Update

The training centre is now open and all courses are available.

The training centre is now open for business and we are looking forward to you attending our courses.

We take the threat of Coronavirus very seriously and understand individuals will have concerns, like we do.

SES Training has followed the Governments advice and we have put measures in place to minimise any risk we all have by attending training courses or assessments.

Remember if you have any of the following signs, you must not attend our training centre and you must self isolate as the Government require you to do so.

  • cough
  • difficulty in breathing
  • fever
  • loss of taste/ and or smell

People returning from high risk areas in the past 14 days

Those returning from a high-risk area within the past 14 days should self-isolate as per Government guidance and not attend an educational setting. Any person returning from such a high-risk area will be asked to contact NHS111 (per Government guidance) and to reschedule their training without penalty.
You must not attend our training centre or attempt to physically meet with anyone from our organisation if you are in this category.

Following our companies review of procedures, we have put additional measures in place including:

Candidates are allocated refreshment stations daily to avoid cross contamination during breaks / rest periods with sealed sachets of tea & coffee etc
No sharing of stationary is permitted / discouraged and stationary is provided to individuals for each course
Social distancing is to be maintained and candidates are positioned at least 2m apart. Class sizes have been reduced.
Candidates are requested to wash hands throughout the day, and use alcohol based hand sanitiser available throughout the building
Candidates must remove all training material of an evening, to facilitate disinfecting.

Until further notice
Cleaning, hygiene regimes and social distancing:
Where social distancing may not be possible such as during lunch breaks, candidate lunches will be taken in classrooms. In the classrooms 2M distancing is available.
This will cut direct contacts to generally those on each course
All classroom tables, boards, markers and hard surfaces will be sanitised daily.
All surfaces in communal areas will be sanitized twice daily (including all toilets and door handles within venues).
All learners will be offered stationary from new unused stock. Please do not attempt to share stationary.
To facilitate cleaning students must remove all training material at the end of each day to allow for sanitising and cleaning
No PPE will be loaned or shared at the moment with candidates.

Our online training platform is unaffected, and we continue to deliver online training via