SHEA Power Renewal eLearning

SHEA e-Learning is an online training learning and assessment course for the renewal of a SHEA EUSR registration.

You will attend our assessment centre for your e-learning and assessment.

The modules are taken, one after the other, in order, to progress through to the e-Assessment. The e-Learning and e-Assessment will take approximately 2 – 2.5 hours in total to complete. The e-Learning can be paused at the end of each module and returned to at a later time to complete. There is only one assessment, taken once all the modules have been completed, and once this has been started, it cannot be paused.

Course Content

Module 1           Understanding our workplace responsibilities

Module 2           Understanding the effects of our work on the environment

Module 3           Identifying and controlling risks

Module 4           Common hazards in the workplace

Module 5           Occupational health hazards

Module 6           Responding to emergencies

plus contextualised industry specific modules


For the renewal of your existing SHEA EUSR Registration


Existing Registered Holder with an unexpired registration.


Renewed SHEA EUSR Registration

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Course Locations


SES Training Solutions
Units 14-15
Park Hall Business Village
Park Hall Road

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