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For Low Voltage Installations

New non-combustible enclosure requirement for consumer units

Amendment No. 3 to BS 7671:2008 (IET Wiring Regulations Seventeenth Edition), which was published in January and comes into effect on 1 July, will include a new regulation requiring consumer units and similar switchgear assemblies in domestic premises to have a non-combustible enclosure.

The wording of the regulation is as follows:

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Legislation requires the correct use of cable colours and allows you to prevent harm to others and yourself. The colours for single phase and three phase installations…..

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Blank Certificate form templates 17th Amd 1 Forms

An old but useful explanation of Requirements for Electrical Installations BS 7671:2008(2011): BS 7671 Bristol CIBSE Dec 2012 Requirements for Electrical Installations



For High Voltage Installations

The law clearly states the requirements for owners of premises who have High Voltage electrical systems to work to, a detailed set of safety rules. Some example topics that should be covered within your safe system of work are:

1. Introduction

1.1. Scope

1.1.1. Identify the full extent of the duty holder’s electrical

distribution system, including boundary points.

1.1.2. Safe systems of work must be established across boundary


1.2. Duties and Responsibilities (Generally)

1.2.1. The duty holder must allocate responsibility for the

achievement of health and safety from the inherent dangers

of the distribution system, plant and apparatus during the

various stages of work or activity.

1.2.2. The duty holder must ensure effective systems and procedures

are in place to safely manage the electrical system.

1.3. Training requirements

1.3.1. Duty holders must have in place:

(i) Adequate technical training;

(ii) Capability assessment;

(iii) Competency assessment;

(iv) Treatment of electric shock.

1.4. General ‘safety rules housekeeping’ requirements:

1.4.1. Change control process;

1.4.2. Ensure all relevant persons have copy of rules.

1.5. Identify which rules require approved plant and apparatus,

and approved procedures (and/or Codes of Practice).

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