11kv Trifurcating Joints Course

This course is designed for existing crafts persons who have previous cable jointing experience for 11KV Triplex straight joints.

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

Understand and demonstrate personal safety including the basics of on-site safety requirements, hand tools, resins and personal hygiene
Identify a polymeric cable
Identify a triplex cable
Explain and understand which safety documents jointers need to understand
Demonstrate they can use a cable spiking tool
Demonstrate sheath removal, screen stripping, insulation and earth wire preparation and presenting smooth cores ready for jointing
Demonstrate they can complete a single core straight joint using heat shrink methodology


Candidates are required to provide the necessary materials for all cable jointing courses.
We will issue a materials list for candidates.
Alternatively we can provide materials for customers at an extra cost.

Course Content

  • Safety documents
  • On site risk assessments
  • Identification of HV cables
  • Types of 11kV cables
  • Specialist tools
  • Spiking Gun
  • Practical Work


At the end of this course delegates will be able to demonstrate:

  • An ability to complete a Trifurcating Joint.

At the end of this course delegates will understand:

  • Skills required to work on HV cables
  • Effects of electrical stresses in High Voltage cables


Those who will be required to make Trifurcating Joints.

Candidates must have experience of 11kv jointing termination practices and procedures.


Candidates who are successful will be issued with a Certificate of Competence and Report to provide evidence towards competency.

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