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HVAP - November 2019
I attended your HVAP last week, with trainer Mick Thompson. I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to Mick and all of the team involved in the course. It was an extremely instructive course and has given us a lot to think about here.
Many thanks once again.

Anonymous, Nationwide
CJC3 Cable Jointing - October 2019

Very good course. Well structured, definitely improved my jointing techniques.

Future Electrics Ltd, Liverpool
LVAP - October 2019

Well delivered in a fun way and a timely manner.

ISG, Nationwide
LVAP - October 2019

Great course. Very informative and knowledgeable tutor (Pete).
I would recommend this course.

Well presented, kept us engaged at all times.

Skanska, Essex
October 2019

I would just like to say that your AP and HVSAP courses are outstanding. The knowledge of your instructors are second to none and the general friendliness of everyone at SES was outstanding.
Thank you for last week.

PSH Operations, Colchester
October 2019

SES provides a superb range of courses. We have completed several courses with them now and found the instructors exceptional, with fantastic facilities. We look forward to booking more.

Rob and Matt RMS Installations Ltd, Staffordshire
HVAP 5 day - September 2019

A very informative course. I learned a lot of things I wasn't aware of.

Pilkingtons NSG, Nationwide
HVAP 5 Day - September 2019

I found the course very clear and the trainer helpful. It will help me work more safely.

Encome Energy, Bristol
HVAP 5 Day - September 2019

The course was very well organised. I found the course easy to understand. Mick (the trainer) was very accommodating. Highly recommended.

Jonathan, Cheshire
HVAP 5 day - September 2019

Very well presented and executed.

ISG PLC, Nationwide
CITB - September 2019

The course was very informative and is needed if anybody wants to progress further in construction whilst also staying safe. I am very pleased that courses like this are undertaken as it makes work that little bit safer.

KAB onstruction & Development Ltd, Staffordshire
CITB SMSTS - September 2019

Very informative and delivered in a fun and friendly way. Thanks Andy.

ST. Modwen, Staffordshire
CITB SMSTS - September 2019

The course is excellent for those who want an insight into construction management. The course was led by an experienced trainer who handled everything maturely, professionally, yet making it engaging.

JCM Estates, Derbyshire
CITB SMSTS - September 2019

The course was well presented. The facilities are good and we were well looked after.

MCE LTD, Staffordshire
CITB SMSTS - September 2019

Well presented and informative.

Pulse D &B, Cheshire
C & G 18th Edition 3 Day - September 2019

Very good training. Thanks

I.A.E., Staffordshire

It was very informative and appropriate for company's needs.

Excellent. I would highly recommend it to others.

Consolidated a very complex topic.

British Gypsum, Staffordshire
HVAP 5 Days - August 2019

Very informative and interesting.

MES Environmental Ltd, Nationwide
Cable Spiking and Identification - August 2019 Onsite.

Good. Well presented course.


Balfour Beatty Vinci JV, Nationwide
Safe Isolation Training & Assessment - August 2019

Well organised and informative.

I liked how passionate the trainer was about the subject.

Demma Controls, West Mids
G39 Electrical Safety Training - August 2019

Very well led (by Pete). Very interesting.

Instalcom, Kent
G39 Electrical safety Training - August 2019

Very informative and well worth doing. I would highly recommend the course

Smart Parking Ltd, West Mids
SSSTS 2 Days - August 2019

Enjoyable learning, informative and relevant.

Simon, Cheshire
HVSAP - August 2019

The course really highlights how paperwork and safety in the HV industry is important and has informed me of importance to comply and ensure safety culture.

Enersol, Ireland
HVSAP - August 2019

Very informative and enjoyable.

Coxon Electrical Ltd, Derbyshire
HVSAP - August 2019

The course was very informative.

Kirby Group Engineering, Ireland
C & G 18th Edition - July 2019

The course as interesting and a good refresher for some things I'd forgotten and new regulations I didn't know about.

JNR Contractors Ltd, Staffordshire
C & G 18th Edition 3 day - July 2019

A lot to take in but delivery of the course was perfect.

Landa Property Services Ltd, Staffordshire
CJC2 Cable Jointing Course - July 2019

Excellent course with great attention to detail. Very impressed with SES from start to finish. Nice and relaxed approach with really friendly staff.
Thank you.

Hyperion Tunnel Services Ltd, Manchester
Fire Marshall with Safe Use of Fire Extinguisher - July 2019

Very clear and informative tuition from Andy.

Dodd Group, Stoke on Trent
G39 Electrical Safety Training - July 2019

As a rookie it has opened my eyes up to how dangerous working around the street furniture environment can be.

CB Suryeys, Derbyshire
G39 Electrical Safety Training July - 2019

Informative course. Excellently presented by Pete!

ALD Electrics Ltd, West Mids
HV Substation Access & Awareness - July 2019

Very informative and very good to update previous knowledge.

JF Mimic, Lancashire
HV Substation Access & Awareness - July 2019

I would recommend that all personnel should attend this course prior to entering sub stations, It has been very beneficial for me.

Well presented.

Interesting, informative and delivered efficiently.

Very interesting, essential for sub working.

Brush Switchgear, Caerphilly Wales
IOSH Working Safely - July 2019

Andy made the course very enjoyable as well as informative.

Altecnic, Staffordshire
IOSH Working Safely - July 2019

Very good and informative.

Max Frank, Stoke On Trent
Safe Isolation & Assessment - July 2019

Very informative and relevant to the job.
Very informative.
Really good.

Stantec, Cheshire
UKATA Asbestos Awareness - July 2019
Delivered Onsite.

Course is excellent.

Connect Electical (Staffs) Ltd, taffordshire
HVAP Non-Complex - July 2019

Good course. Informative and to the point.

Very good course.

Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Ltd, West Mids.
HVSAP - July 2019

Very informative. Fantastic course leader (Carl).


Renewi Uk Services, Rotherham
HVSAP - July 2019

Good training facility. Professionally run courses.

Wheelabrator Technologies, Wrexham
Competent/Skilled Person Electrical LV HTM 06-02 - July 2019


Airconditioning Engineers, Warwickshire
LVAP - June 2019
Course was very good. The trainer (Pete) was excellent. Very knowledgeable, very experienced and this made the course more engaging because he was able to relate to different industries in this type of work. Couldn't have done anything better.

Very informative and easily understood. The tutor made information easy to understand.

Bridgnorth Aluminium, Shropshire
LVAP - June 2019

Course well planned and informative.

Veolia Water Technologies, Nationwide
LVAP - June 2019

Trainer Pete was excellent with good knowledge and experience, to deliver the course and answer all questions.

Elcom Projects Ltd, Essex
LVAP - June 2019

This course is essential to keep your staff and others safe.

One way Electrical, Longton Staffordshire
LV Cable Jointing - June 2019

One of the very few courses I have enjoyed. Nice people, laid back, BUT still fixated on testing us.

Best course I have been on!

I found the course very good.

Power One Ltd, Essex

Good trainer (Carl) very knowledgeable.

A. Grant, Staffordshire

Always a pleasant experience, good knowledgeable instructors

Vallourec, Lancashire
Electricity at Work Regs 1989 - June 2019

Very good. Social and patient teacher. Course contains a lot of useful information.

Ingeteam, Europe
Safe Isolation Training & Assessment - June 2019

Well covered & detailed.

Optilan, Leeds
CITB SSSTS - June 2019

Good all round course, helped to gain knowledge and experience within the industry.

JN Bentley, Staffordshire
CITB SMSTS - June 2019

Very well presented in a good light hearted manner.

RT Langridge, Staffordshire
CITB SMSTS - June 2019

The course was made very interesting by Ivan on a subject that can be boring.

Teplr, Leicestershire
CITB SMSTS - June 2019

Excellent training, gained good knowledge and teaching was great.

Fortel, West Mids
CITB SMSTS - June 2019
Excellent, very informative and well delivered

Midland Masonry, Cheshire
CITB SMSTS - June 2019

This course was extremely informative and extremely enjoyable. Ivan was easy to learn from and could answer any question asked.

, Wreham
C & G 18th Edition 3 Day - June 2019

Very informative and conducted professionally and to a high standard.

EPG, Monmouthshire
C & G 18th Edition 3 Day - June 2019

Very informative, well run, pleasant relaxed atmosphere. Well structured.

PC Properties, Staffordshire
C & G 18th Edition 3 Day - June 2019

The course was excellent, Keith taught the subject well and I had a good experience while doing the course.

Knowledgeable trainer and good content covered.

Uk Control Panel Services, Staffordshire
HV Substation Access & Awareness - June 2019

Fine and delivered in an informal and humorous manner.

Informative course and well delivered.

T J Hall, Leicester
HV Substation Access & Awareness - June 2019

Very informative and a nice training centre.

Core Control Solutions, Derbyshire
High Voltage Substation Access & Awareness - June 2019

Experienced instructor, informative and engaging.

Relevant and well presented. Reasonable and experienced tutor.

Origami Energy Ltd, Nationwide
Authorising Engineer - May 2019

Well prepared, professionally delivered and presented course material by a knowledgeable and practicing engineer.

ADM Erith LTD, Essex
Authorising Engineer - May 2019

Concise and punchy. I am more confident and prepared to take on the role of Authorising Engineer coupled with all the admin process to perform at a high level

West Mids., UK Power Reserve
Manual Handling Awareness - May 2019

Well presented by Andy. Everything was made clear and easy to understand.

Vita Hardware, Staffordshire
Safe Isolation 1 day Training - May 2019

Very well presented and easy to follow, (Pete).

Very informative and a good refresher.

Optilan, Cleveland
HVAP 5 Day - May 2019

Very Well presented course, (Mick).

Pegler Yorkshire, West Yorkshire
HVAP 5 Day - May 2019

An excellent training centre.

EvoEnergy, Derbyshire
HVAP 5 Day - May 2019

A well presented course, professionally delivered in a well equipped training centre.

Good experience.

Wheelabrator Technologies, Flintshire
HVSAP - May 2019

Excellent value. Trainers excellent (Carl). Brilliant course.

Pegler Yorkshire, South Yorkshire
HVAP 3 Day Non-Complex - May 2019

It was very good, how I was trained to be able to operate all types of systems and not just trained on "How to get through the exam"

JD Norman, Gloucestershire
HVAP 3 Day Non-Complex - May 2019

Great course that refers to all requirements for HVAP Role.

G39 Electrical Safety Training - May 2019

A great course delivery with great material.

Telford & Wreking Council, Shropshire
G39 Electrical Safety Training May - 2019

Great course. Good friendly tutors (Pete)

Street Sites, Yorkshire
Fire Marshal Training With Use of Extinguisher May - 2019

Informative content, good interaction with video and practical. A relaxed and comfortable teaching atmosphere and a great trainer! (Andrew) Thank you.

Quadpack, Staffordshire
CITB Site Supervisor Safety Training (SSSTS) - May 2019

Very informative and well presented.

IQS Solutions, Staffordshire
CITB SMSTS Refresher - May 2019

Well presented, informative and flowing.

IPS Washrooms, Staffordshire
British Safety Council Level 1 Award in Health & Safety In a Construction Environment - May 2019

Very good and informative course. The Trainer ( Andrew) has good real life examples.

AB Solutions, Staffordshire
British Safety Council Level 1 Award in Health & Safety In a Construction Environment - May 2019

Well presented, good understanding of the subject in delivery.

GH Electrical, Shropshire
Arc Flash Appreciation - May 2019

Our tutor Carl was excellent.

Trentham Holdings, Staffordshire
Arc Flash Appreciation - May 2019

Good quality instruction as always and confidently delivered, by Carl.

F10 Notice, London
Abrasive Wheels Course - May 2019

Good course. Informative and engaging.

Liberty Bridge Aluminium, West Mids
HVSAP Refresher - April 2019

Extremely good course, enjoyed the discussion and experience of the instructor.

SPE Energy, Gwent
HV Appreciation - April 2019

A very useful overview of the current safe procedures required to manage HV delivery by a very informative and practical trainer, (Peter).

Ministry Of Justice, West Sussex
HV Appreciation - April 2019

Good course, well presented and organised.

Quadrija Health & Safety, Hants.
C & G 18th Edition 3 Day - April 2019

Many thanks for providing the 18th Edition course I have attended this week.
Everything about the course was excellent - but especially the lecturer - keith. He was a bank of knowledge and nothing was too much trouble with regards to repeating himself, back tracking and ensuring that everyone in the room knew precisely how to find the information required.
I would recommend SES to anyone requiring a training course, especially this course.

Sentridge Control, Coventry
CITB Site Managers Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) - April 2019

The tutor came across well spoken. Very informative. I would recommend this course to others.

JCE, Coventry
PAT Testing - March 2019

Lots of great information and well explained by Carl. Great course.

15 Group, Macclesfield
HVAP Non-Complex 3 Day - March 2019

Very thorough and helpful trainer. Going through procedures on numerous occasions.


Telec, Staffordshire
HVAP Non-Complex 3 Day - March 2019

Very good course. I would recommend to anyone who was looking at HV Training.

George Birchall Services, Merseyside
HVAP Refresher - March 2019

Relevant, informative and excellent

JCB, Staffordshire
HVSAP - March 2019

Great course, makes you a responsible HVSAP with correct and proper knowledge.

ENcome, Somerset
ARC Flash Appreciation - March 2019

Very relevant to current practices carried out in my operations at work.

Well presented and full of information.

Knowledgeable trainer, engaging giving good detailed explanations.

Technical Asset Management Ltd, Kent
Abrasive Wheels - March 2019

Informative. Easy to follow and understand.

Venturi Jet Pumps Ltd, Stoke on Trent
Abrasive Wheels - March 2019

Very helpful and interesting.

Very Good.

Aptus Utilites Ltd, Leicester
C & G 18th Edition 3 Day Course - March 2019

Very good. I would recommend.

RMD Contracts Ltd, Stoke On Trent
C & G 18th Edition 3 Day Course - March 2019

Course was informative and very well presented.

Steelite International Ltd, Stoke On Trent
C & G 18th Edition 3 Day Course - March 2019

The course was informative. The tutor was friendly and helpful.

Very informative and in depth.

Viridor Waste Management, Devon
HVSAP February 2019

Steady paced course. The tutor demonstrated understanding to/from the different skill levels on the course.

MCB Power, Northern Ireland
HVSAP February 2019

Professional with a very experienced instructor, Carl.

Marine Harvest (Scotland) Ltd, Highlands Scotland
Competent Persons To Receive Safety Documents February 2019

Carl was an excellent trainer, he had valuable info and experiences to add to the training.

Automated Technology Group, Bedford
Competent Persons To Receive Safety Documents - February 2019

Informative and well structured.

Very happy with the training. Carl, the course tutor was very professional.

Bowers Electrical Ltd, Nottingham
HV Substation Access & Awareness February 2019
Delivered Onsite at The Royal Albert Hall, London.

Informative. Reiterated the need for training.

Very good course. Well presented.

Royal Albert Hall, London
C&G 18th Edition 3 Day Course February 2019

Very well presented course.

Keith was a well spoken informative instructor. Thanks

G2 Electrical Wholesale Ltd, Staffordshire

I most enjoyed the open conversations between colleagues and teacher with questions/life examples to apply while learning.

It has been a nice 3 days of training with a great teacher and great classmates.

Venestra Washroom Systems Ltd, Staffordshire

Teacher Andy was very knowledgeable and had a great interaction. Class all round worked well together.

Critical Electrical Solutions, Bedfordshire
C & G 18th Edition Wiring Regulations for Electrical Installations (2382)
January 2019

Excellent - pre exam work book was very helpful

Professional and well managed.

E.ON Highways Lighting, Staffordshire
Craft Attendant/Jointers Mates Course - January 2019

I believe the course was brilliant and I think having Mick as out teacher helped us very much.

The course was very beneficial and informative, also it has given me the confidence and understanding to take on the Jointers Mates role.

Hawks Systems Ltd, London
HVSAP - January 2019

Great course. Well presented.

Encome Energy Performance Uk Ltd, Norfolk
HVSAP - January 2019

Great hands on training with friendly tuition.

F10 Notice Ltd, London
HVAP Commercial 5 Day Course - January 2019

Great detail covered on the course. Very friendly staff.

F10 Notice Ltd, London
HVAP Commercial 5 Day Course - January 2019

Excellent delivery of the course from Mick, always happy to help. Course books very informative.

Encome Energy Performance Uk Ltd, Wales
HVAP Commercial 5 Day Course - January 2019


Green Cat Renewables Ltd, Edinburgh

Excellent course, well delivered. All staff friendly and helpful.

Capula, Staffordshire
Level 1 Award in Health & Safety in a Constructive Environment
January 2019

A good overall experience.

Ground Work West Midlands, Stoke on Trent
Authorising Engineer - January 2019

Course was well presented and opens up a whole different side to the industry not every engineer will understand at a fundamental level.

Critical Electrical Solutions, Bedfordshire
Abrasive Wheels Course - January 2019

Good course, well presented and easy to follow

Very well informed, not rushed and course material was made very clear.

Aptus Utilities, Powys
Working At Heights Harness and Lanyards Training - January 2019

The course information was explained very well and was also very informative.

James, Staffordshire
Manual Handling and Safe Moving Course - January 2019

Very Informative.

Critical Electrical Solutiions, Bedfordshire
HV Appreciation Course for Supervisors Managers and Auditor_ December 2018
Very informative, good overview of the subject.

The course highlighted shortcomings in our policy and procedures, very informative course.

MES Environmental Ltd, Derbyshire
HVAP 5 Day - December 2018

I have enjoyed every bit of this course and Pete (my instructor) has been great to ask questions to.

PSH Operations, Leicestershire
HVAP 5 Day - December 2018

Very engaging and informative.

Encome Energy Performance Uk LTD, Lincs
C & G 18th Edition Wiring Regulations For Electrical Installations (2382) - December 2018

Very Informative and relaxed Presentation.

Very good.

Warm friendly atmosphere. Great tutor (Keith)

E.ON Highways Lighting, Staffordshire
Confined Space Awareness Training - November 2018


Very informative.

Informative and to the point.

Stantec Treatment Group Ltd, Cheshire
Cable Installers & Layers Course - November 2018

Very good and professional

Really good and very knowledgeable.


SAS Associates Ltd, Cornwall
Cable Spiking & Identification - October 2018

Excellent course delivered by a very competent teacher with a good sense of humour.

Excellent course.

Very informative and worth attending

Amey, Staffordshire
HVSAP - September 2018

Instructors make it enjoyable and give extra advice and knowledge.

Very good course. Carl knows a wide range of electrical information.

Aircraft Research Association UK, Bedfordshire
HVSAP - September 2018

Well organised, good balance of theory and practical. At a good pace to digest and absorb the important information. Liked the class size, a smaller class results in a better one - good learning environment.

UK Power Reserve Ltd, Solihull
Authorising Engineer - September 2018

The lecturer was friendly and very knowledgeable. He made plenty of time to discuss topics further. The handouts were informative to the level required.

Mitie Technical Facilities Management Ltd, Worcestershire

I found the SAP Refresher course both informative and useful.
I have relearned a lot of principles that sometimes get taken for granted and a fresh look at these principles highlight just how important they are.

Solarcentury, Southampton
COMPETENT PERSON LV HTM 06-02 - August 2018

Very informative, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

SS Testing Ltd, Hull
HVAP - 5 Day August 2018

Excellent facilities. Informative course and enjoyable week.

Edina, UK wide
CJC3 - Cable Jointing Wavecon/Waveform Mains Jointing - July 2018

Excellent Course, great facilities. Very professional manner from staff.
Very informative!

Energetics, Staffordshire
CJC3 - Cable Jointing Wavecon/Waveform Mains Jointing- July 2018

Very good course, really enjoyed it. Good Trainer would recommend it.

Levertech, Lancashire
CJC3 - Cable Jointing Wavecon/Waveform Mains Jointing - July 2018

Made to feel welcome, very relaxing - so I was able to enjoy the course more.

Alan Howells, Glasgow