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Very informative course.

An excellent professional course.

Very good, clear explanations.

Course instructor was very knowledgeable! Could directly relate to my job duties.

Piller UK, Nationwide
HV Appreciation for Auditors Managers and Supervisors
January 2018

Very informative, relevant to my job role. I have taken many points away to introduce or affect my company's HV network management.

Howdens, East Yorkshire

Increased my knowledge of understanding of the subject and raised my awareness of process hazards.

Compass Minerals, Cheshire
ELECTRICITY AT WORK REGS 1989 - February 2018

Great course that was very informative. Pace was quick to ensure content didn't get over discussed but not too fast to confuse you. Very enjoyable experience with a brilliant trainer.

Course was great and well delivered by Mick.

Piller UK, Nationwide

Thorough and informative. Relates well to real world practices.

ROC Electrical, Essex
HVAP 5 DAY - February 2018

All instructors very knowledgeable and eager to help or give advice where required.

Mr Biglie, Scotland
HVAP 5 DAY - February 2018

Informative, with a good balance of practical and theory

Bekaert Bradford, West Yorkshire
Authorising Engineer - February 2018

The staff and tutors at SES were excellent. They made me feel relaxed and confident. The course covered everything I expected and more. I learned lots and will adapt my work in line with what I learned. Thank you SES.

Wirsol, East Sussex
Authorising Engineer - February 2018

Thought provoking and extremely informative. A real aid to enhancing our company's existing procedures.

Martin Thomas, Kent
Cable Sheath Testing and Sheath Damage Location

Cable Sheath Testing and Sheath Damage Location - March 2018

Good Facilities provided and lots of experience and knowledge

Very good - Trainers very experienced

JSM Group, Southern England
1 Day Safe Isolation Training - March 2018

Very informative and I will take what I have learned into my job.

Bolton Gate, Staffordshire
HVAP 3 Day Non-Complex - March 2018

Very Enjoyable learning experience

Mane Contract Services, London
Cable Spiking and Identification - March 2018

Very interesting. I Feel more confident now.

Very knowledgeable trainer, good pace of learning

Interesting and I learned something new.

Balfour Beaty, Nationwide
HV Substation Access and Awareness - March 2018

Very informative and clearly explained

Very informative

Elvac Controls LTD, Lincolnshire
HVAP 5 Day - March 2018

A very good and useful course, will definitely take on board what I have learned this week

Swancote Energy Ltd, Shropshire
HVAP 5 Day - March 2018

Very good experience, very professional personnel

PSH Operations, Bristol
HVSAP - March 2018

A great informative course being taught by high standard engineers.

Mentmore Power, Buckingham
HVSAP Refresher - March 2018

Very good course with experienced instructors which is a big plus!

ISG European Services, Belgium
VLF 1 Day Testing - March 2018

Untangled the mystery of VLF Testing. A very good course.

ISG European Services, Belgium
Cable Jointing Wavecon/Waveform Mains Jointing - April 2018

Great place to train, staff were very welcoming and friendly.
Knowledge from the trainer was brilliant and very helpful

Manpower Connections, West Midlands
Cable Jointing Single and Three Phase Sub Service Jointing-April 2018

I found the course very useful and gained a lot of knowledge from it.

J McCann & Co Ltd, Middlesex

Great course, great people. Wish I had been booked on the 4 day course.

Renewi, Staffordshsire
HVSAP Refresher - April 2018

A very good course, set at the correct level, covering all necessary elements. The trainer was very approachable and knowledgeable. I will definitely use SES Training again.

GAD Power Distribution Ltd, Kent
HVAP 3 Day - May 2018

Very informative. The practical apparatus was really good and Pete, the trainer got the points of information across very well.

Useful, well presented and friendly.
Nice Oatcakes!

Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Ltd, West Midlands
LVAP 4 Day - May 2018

Very well presented and informative course

JW Morris, Mid Glamorgan
HV Substation Access and Awareness Course - May 2018

The course was very detailed and a nice experience and environment to be in.

Very informative and it makes you aware of how you are currently working.

A very good opener to HV Awareness with a clear presentation.

Total Power Group Ltd, West Midlands
HV Substation Access and Awareness - May 2018

Well presented and professional.
Good lunch!.

Done in the highest possible manner.

Renewi, Nottingham
HVAP 5 Day - May 2018

I found the course very informative and it has definitely opened my eyes up and also given me the confidence going forward.

JCB Broadcrown, Derbyshire
HVAP 5 Day - May 2018

* Excellent course content
* Excellent Trainer
* Would recommend this course to others

Roche, County Clare Ireland
HVSAP - May 2018

Very good course, to reinforce current knowledge and help to dispel a few bad practices.

Mr Bennett, Staffordshire
HVSAP - May 2018

Very informative and enjoyable course. I learnt important things to use in the future

EPS Construction, Swansea

Concise and informative

Beck and Pollitzer, Burton Upon Trent

I found the course very enjoyable. All course work was explained to a high standard and very straight forward to understand.

MES Power Engineering, Scotland
June 2018

Very in depth and hands on, very practical

Lever Tech HV Engineering Ltd, Lancashire

Very good, covers all that is needed. Carl is very informative and clear. Exam as very long.

WIRSOL, East Sussex
Bespoke CJC2 and CJC3 combined - June 2018

This has been probably the best course I have ever taken part in. I like the hands on approach and not just sat behind a desk all week.

Energetics, Lancashire
CJC3 - Cable Jointing Wavecon/Waveform Mains Jointing- July 2018

Very good course, really enjoyed it. Good Trainer would recommend it.

Levertech, Lancashire
CJC3 - Cable Jointing Wavecon/Waveform Mains Jointing - July 2018

Excellent Course, great facilities. Very professional manner from staff.
Very informative!

Energetics, Staffordshire
CJC3 - Cable Jointing Wavecon/Waveform Mains Jointing - July 2018

Made to feel welcome, very relaxing - so I was able to enjoy the course more.

Alan Howells, Glasgow

I found the SAP Refresher course both informative and useful.
I have relearned a lot of principles that sometimes get taken for granted and a fresh look at these principles highlight just how important they are.

Solarcentury, Southampton
COMPETENT PERSON LV HTM 06-02 - August 2018

Very informative, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

SS Testing Ltd, Hull
HVAP - 5 Day August 2018

Overall good course

I found the course enjoyable and informative. Our instructor came across in a professional and friendly manner.

ADM Erith Ltd, Kent
HVAP - 5 Day August 2018

Excellent facilities. Informative course and enjoyable week.

Edina, UK wide
HV Substation Access and Awareness - August 2018

Instructor excellent, learned a lot

Very Informative

Very Good

Hayley Engineering Services Ltd, West Mids