We understand that sometimes you want something that little more bespoke to your individual business needs

Here at SES Training Solutions we understand that organisations are keen to invest in their people and optimise their business benefits. One of the many ways of accomplishing this is to ensure that the people are appropriately skilled to do their work effectively and, therefore, pragmatically help the organisation realise their business needs.


Our benefits oriented approach will help you ensure that your people are trained and mentored using the best possible solution and the best possible training consultants.
We use the following steps, drawn from ‘best practice’ and years of experience:

Requirements Capture

At SES Training Solutions we work with you to identify and establish training requirements that support your business needs.

From an understanding of the Project/Programme and/or business objectives we help you to identify the skills and knowledge gaps and, therefore, training requirements that will bring the greatest benefits. The solution strategy is developed and agreed.

Design and Develop the Solution

We design and develop in detail the training solution strategy, including the method of delivery (face to face course, e-learning etc.) This may be:

Deliver the Solution

We help you to effectively plan the delivery and then we deliver to the plan using our most experienced consultants who are also our most experienced trainers.

Measure and Evaluate Feedback

After each and every training delivery we gather and provide feedback from the delegates and present this information to you in a succinct and useful to enable continuous improvements to take place. Our Training solutions are dynamic, and are constantly challenged using the cumulative evidence of the feedback material.

Optimisation of the Benefits

Evaluation of the delivery of the training solution enables an objective examination and measurement of the ability to achieve the requirements and thereby, optimisation of the benefits.


The learning objectives will be designed specifically for you organisation and solution but typically can include: