Cable Jointing Courses

High Voltage and Low Voltage cable jointing courses.

SES Training Solutions have the capability to offer cable jointing techniques for high voltage or low voltage electrical systems.

We offer dead jointing techniques, and live jointing techniques for low voltage electrical systems. For high voltage installations we offer training in the dead jointing techniques currently available.

As a cable jointer working daily with live electricity, being able to keep up with the latest techniques and products to allow you to work safely is a vital aspect of maintaining and proving your competence.

At our training site we can provide real world scenarios, whislt maintaining a completely safe environment for your candidates to develop.

Our courses are suitable for Private Network Owners, DNO’s and their contractors.

Click on the courses for more details or contact us to find out how you and your people can keep up to date with the core skills and competencies needed to work within the sector.
If for some reason, you do not see the course you require, get in touch with our Engineer who will be happy to discuss your requirements.


Cable Jointing Courses