Training & Assessment not Product Familiarisation

We see it all the time. Don’t go and get training from the store man.

Product familiarisation is not training and assessment. Wholesale electrical distributors of cable and cable accessories are not cable jointers.

Sure they claim to give product familiarisation but they are not Cable Jointers with current valid authentic experience.

Our team have operated in the industry for many years and have a comprehensive experience of work in a range of voltages, and we look forward to training you.

Wholesale electrical distributors of a range of cable and cable accessories may sell jointing tools they claim approved for use on what they claim to be a leading manufacturers cables but are they just selling a kit that isn’t really for you?

Salesmen sell you to meet targets, and wholesalers hook you to a brand.

We train and assess to make sure the industry gets what it needs and not what  a salesman and storeman thought would do.

We can advise you on tools we believe are the better option or will explain why it may not be best to buy that kit from the salesman, which the wholesaler claim in social media is the one everyone’s buying.

Train to be a Cable Jointer, not familiar with a product because they wont claim to train you to be a cable jointer. Ask yourself why?