Competent Person To Receive Safety Documents Course

This Competent Person to Receive Safety Documents  course is designed for persons who are required to receive safety documents, and either work alone or with others in a working party.

This course is essential for all persons who receive safety documents, to ensure they fully understand their role and responsibility, when in receipt of safety documents.

Course Content

Course Outline:
Electricity networks
Relevant legislation
Safety rule requirements
Safe systems of work
Safety documents
Responsibilities of persons
Course assessment & review.


To familiarise existing Crafts Persons with the requirements for being the recipient of safety documents and their responsibilities.


All craft persons who receive safety documents so they are trained in the safe application and execution of their duties


Candidates who successfully complete the theoretical competence assessment will receive a “Competence” certificate. Those who fail or do not wish to undertake the competence assessment will receive a  “Attendance” certificate.

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