Confined Space Training Awareness Course

The course is mainly class room based with discussions showing examples of the interpretations of confined spaces to candidates who attend.

Candidates will be made aware that Confined spaces can be deadly. The regulations were introduced in order to control industry and the self-employed.

You require training if you are involved with entering, controlling or supervising people involved with confined space work you must have received training. Failure to comply with the 1997 Confined Space regulations can result in prosecution.

People are killed or seriously injured in confined spaces every year in the United Kingdom.  This includes a large number of people trying to rescue others without sufficient equipment or training.

A hierarchy of control must be considered prior to commencing work.

The Confined Space Regulations state the following:

  • Avoid entry to confined spaces eg. By doing work from outside
  • If entry to a confined space is unavoidable, follow a safe system of work
  • Put in place adequate emergency arrangements before the work starts

Course Content

To provide delegates with the knowledge to enable them to safely recognise a confined space and appreciate the implication

Confined space legislation review
Safe systems of work
Atmospheric hazards and the need for gas detection
Distinction between types of RPE
Methods of communication
PPE requirements
Consideration of access methods
Emergency procedures and legal requirements
Risk assessments
Entry permits
Tag Out Lock Out


To provide delegates with the knowledge to enable them to safely recognise a confined space and understand the implications.


Any person who works with or may have to be aware of what is a confined space and understand the requirement of the level of competency for each classification of entries into confined spaces


All candidates who successfully complete the course will receive an Attendance Certificate.

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