Electrical Fault Finding Training Course

This Electrical Fault Finding Training Course is for individuals who need to understand how to fault find on electrical installations or equipment.

This course is ideal for any person who has limited experience of electrical fault finding who wishes to develop their knowledge further.

Course Content

Basic electrical units and principles
Fundamentals of Electrical circuits
Electrical Supplies (DC, Single and Three Phase)
Electrical Circuit Protection Devices
Electrical Dangers
Safe Working Practices
Electrical Test Equipment for use in Fault Finding
Testing Electrical Components (related to your equipment)
Electrical Drawings and uses in Fault Finding
Fault Finding Techniques
Common Electrical Faults and their Rectification
Legislation HASAWA & EAWR


To ensure the safety of personnel involved in electrical fault finding and the understanding of economical fault finding using safe procedures.


Any person such as Employees, Managers and Auditors who wish to understand, gain awareness and knowledge in the safe working methods and practices used in electrical fault findings.


Candidates who successfully complete the theoretical and practical competence assessments will receive a Competence Certificate.

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