Electrical Maintenance Training Course

This course will aim to provide basic electrical skills to those who need to perform electrical maintenance tasks including the safe isolation, replacement and testing of a range of common electrical devices (lights, lamps, small power consumption devices, switches and sockets) in a safe and effective manner.

The course will supplement onsite training specific to clients activities or requirements, and the duty holder responsibilities in the requirements for employees to be competent.

Course Content

Health & Safety legislation
Voltage & Current
Electrical circuits and Ohm’s law
Continuity and insulation resistance testing
Single & Three Phase Supplies
Motors Three Phase & Single Phase
Electrical safety
Isolation and switching
Protective devices
Control circuits


On completion of the course, participants will be able to

  • practice safe working methods on electrical systems
  • understand the relevant regulative requirements
  • demonstrate an understanding of electrical principles and units
  • identify a wide range of electrical equipment & devices and understand their principles of operation / connections
  • understand the principles of Earthing / protection and associated protective devices
  • demonstrate an understanding of electrical systems, switchgear and circuit types
  • diagnose basic faults and recognise their associated symptoms
  • work with a range of client used cable types and carry out correct terminations and connections
  • recognise the most common industrial motor types and understand their operation, connections and maintenance requirements
  • use electrical test equipment effectively and carry out testing of minor works
  • complete minor works certificates
  • access electrical enclosures and replace fuses, reset overloads
  • understand the need for PPE
  • perform basic single point electrical isolation, testing for dead on a wide range of devices and circuits safely.


Any person such as Employees, Managers and Auditors who wish to understand, gain awareness and knowledge in the safe working methods and practices used to be complaint and safe whilst working on minor maintenance reactive or  preventative activities.


Candidates who successfully complete the theoretical and practical competence assessments will receive a Competence Certificate.

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Electrical Maintenance Training

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