Fire Safety Awareness Course

The Fire Awareness course gives all successful candidates a good knowledge of the risks and hazards associated with fire, best practice in fire prevention and the skills of how to react in the event of a fire incident.

We will encourage candidates to think safely and use common sense principles to avoid unnecessary hazards

Fire Safety Awareness introduces learners to the risks associated with fire and the control measures available and provides a valuable introduction to the key principles of fire safety.

Course Content

How fires are caused in the workplace
The components of the fire triangle
The hazards during and after a fire
The characteristics of fire and smoke spread
Methods used to identify and control fire hazards
Means of escape in relation to fire hazards
Methods of fire detection and raising the alarm
How fires are extinguished
How to use portable fire-fighting equipment safely
Common fixed fire-fighting systems
Duties of employers and employees in relation to fire safety
How to undertake a simple fire safety inspection in the workplace
The stages involved in a fire risk assessment
The role of fire wardens in the workplace


The Fire Safety Awareness provides a valuable introduction to the key principles of fire safety for employees to demonstrate an understanding of avoidance of fires and how to react when fires are identified.


Everyone in the workplace should be trained in Fire Safety, as per the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order 2005.

This course is of particular importance to those with designated responsibility for fire safety in their work place area. For example Fire Wardens, Authorised Persons, Premise Managers and Duty Holders.


Candidates will receive a Certificate of Competence on successful completion of the course assessment.

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