Hand Arm Vibration Awareness

The Hand Arm Vibration Awareness course is designed to ensure candidates have a basic awareness of how vibration is generated, how measures are taken and possible exposure levels. Covering the requirements of the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations, including the duties of employees.

Candidates are taught how to control vibration and prevent long term damage.

HAVS is a debilitating health condition that is commonly caused by the use of hand-held electrical tools, such as chainsaws, grinding equipment and high torque wrenches.

The Hand Arm Vibration Awareness course explains more about the health hazards associated with this equipment, outlines how to carry out an appropriate risk assessment and details the control measures that can be used to reduce the risks.

Course Content

Recognise when there may be a risk of harmful exposure
Recognise when assessment is required
Recognise the early symptoms of Hand/Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)
State the maximum daily exposure levels for hand/arm vibration & explain how these can vary according to level or time of exposure
Take suitable precautions to reduce the risk of hand/arm vibration


To ensure the prolonged exposure to vibration is managed correctly and to prevent injury through unnecessary exposure periods or poor work practice


All persons who are exposed to vibration at work.


A Certificate of Competence will be issued on successful completion of the course

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