Safe Handling of Oil for Operatives

This course is to ensure your operatives know what they should do before and after handling switchgear that contains oil.

The course will raise the awareness of safe lifting of apparatus and plant so no poor practices are used when loading and unloading i.e. unbalanced loads

Operatives will also understand precautions for their safety from contamination or to prevent them contaminating clean oil.



Course Content

  • Safe handling of oil
  • Leaks and Spillage management
  • Use of emergency spillage kits
  • Removal / Moving of equipment containing oil


To ensure the candidates understand precautions to take when transporting and working with apparatus and plant that contains oil.


Any person who supervises or handles oil filled plant and apparatus, moves or transports oil or other fluids.


A Certificate of Competence will be issued to candidates who successfully complete the course assessment

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