Three Phase Electrical Training Course


Three Phase Electrical Training Course

For those electricians or domestic installers who wish to gain a better knowledge and awareness of three phase electrical installations.

It is for electrical installers who are experienced with installation and testing of single phase supplies but who have little or no experience of working with three phase systems.

Our 3 phase electrical training course will teach you to identify phase rotation and phase out electrical circuits

It is by a balance of classroom learning and practical demonstrations.


Course Content

Phase Rotation

Phasing of electrical installations

Safe Isolation

Describe how a three phase supply is generated.

Describe how three phase is transmitted and distributed.

State the voltages present in a three phase system.

Describe how a single phase supply is derived from a three phase supply.

Understand why a premises may require a three phase supply.



To give candidates an awareness and understanding of low voltage three phase installations supplied via whole current metering.

Following the completion of this course, candidates:

  1. Will understand the voltages achieved with 3 phase systems
  2. Be able to phase out low voltage installations
  3. Will understand electrical rotation and the variations
  4. Will know what voltages should be expected when referencing different phases.



Anyone wishing to gain an awareness and knowledge of three phase electrical systems fed via whole current meter installations.



A certificate of attendance will be issued to you from Site Energy Services

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