Safe Use and Inspection of Steps and Ladders Training Course

If you or your employees work using Steps and Ladders, it is a legal requirement that you receive instruction and training specific to Steps and / or Ladders.

This course will help you demonstrate an employers legal responsibility to train and give instruction in the safe use of Steps and Ladders.

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Pre-Use and Post Use Inspections

Identifying faults and damage

Reporting of loss or defective Equipment

Practical Instruction/Assessment

Working at Height Regulations 2005

The ladder safety and inspection element

Ladder structures, types of material, setup procedures, tying off, footing

Operative pre-use checks



To ensure Operatives, Supervisors, Auditors and Managers who use, supervise and audit or are in the proximity of Steps and Ladders are trained to use, and recognise unsafe practice or damaged Steps & Ladders.

Specifically to provide delegates with the practical knowledge and skills to identify the selection, use, storage, maintenance and inspection of Ladders, Harnesses and Lanyards.

The course also covers all the relevant health & safety laws including Working at Height Regulations 2005.


Operatives, Supervisors and Managers who use, supervise and audit or are in the proximity of Steps and Ladders.

The course will benefit those who work in the environment where Steps and Ladders are used.

Candidates should be at least 16 years old and each candidate must Supply all their own PPE.



Candidates who successfully pass the course will receive a certificate of competency 

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