Accident Investigation

We have an excellent approach to applying common sense with professional investigation techniques to assist in a company and investigators getting to the root causes of accidents.

This course will give confidence and a proactive structure for candidates to follow.

Course Content

• Accident definitions
• Types and costs of accidents
• Accident causation
• Interview technique
• The investigation form (preparing an investigation report)
• Practical exercise
• Feedback
• Collecting evidence


The course will give delegates the ability to investigate accidents, to gather evidence, interview witnesses and present their findings.
By the end of the course candidates will be able to :

• Understand the need for undertaking accident investigations
• Conduct effective interviews
• Prepare an accident investigation report
• Identify accident causation factors
• To understand accident types and costs


Those persons who have the responsibility for undertaking accident investigations, line managers, team leaders etc.


Site Energy Services Certificate of Awareness.

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