Working at Height Awareness Course

“Working at height” covers any work which is at a level where there is risk of personal injury through falling, be it at, above, or even under, ground level. There is no minimum or maximum measurement when “working at height”.

This course is aimed at employees whose role, or part of their role, involves carrying out “work at height”. It helps businesses to comply with the Working at Height Regulations 2005 by providing employees with the necessary information they require.

Many construction workers have suffered a life changing injury as a result of a fall from height.
Work at Height is work at any height, above or below ground level, where a person could fall and be injured. For all work at height, training must be undertaken to prevent the risk of any fall that could cause injury.

This course can be completed at our training centre or we can deliver it onsite. It may also be completed with virtual training via zoom. This can be especially useful for group bookings.

Course Content

• Introduction to working at height
• The dangers of working at height
• The Work at Height Regulations 2005
• Summary of the Duty Holder’s responsibilities
• Employer’s responsibilities
• The hierarchy of control
• Avoiding work at height, wherever possible
• Fall prevention, fall arrest, guard rails, minimising consequences
• The need for work at height risk assessments, PPE, selection of appropriate access equipment
• Maintaining 3 points of contact, as well as works of a short duration
• Fragile roofs
• Supply and maintenance of working at height equipment


To ensure employees have knowledge and understanding to recognise Working at Height and theor responsibilities to ensure thoer safety and that of everyone else affected by their work, actions or omissions.


Must have good understanding of written and verbal English. Must be physically fit and in good health


A certificate of awareness for Working at Height

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